Our story

GoGuy is a small independent clothing brand, reworking 100 percent authentic brands into something new and exiting for innovative fashion followers.

The brand began in 2015 after receiving my first sewing machine for my birthday, creating a reworked bralet and skirt set. Social media soon snapped up on the garment, and i began making personalised orders for customers. The large interest in the products quickly expanded through social media, and the obvious gap in the market was filled. The company is solely created and designed by Sophie Guy and now operates as a family run business with the help from local seamstresses to help in the creation of your purchase.

Our Team

Sophie Guy

Danielle Pinder
Co Founder

Oliver Guy


Designs are all handmade, and soley created by Sophie Guy
Therefore take 1-2 weeks to make and post.


Branded garments are reworked from 100 % authentic bands, to create an innovative style